Exoscale status

At 19:32:27 UTC (21h32 CH time) our monitoring detected a an outage at the DE-FRA-1 zone and then later on also at CH-DK-2. The network completely recovered at 19:56 UTC (21h56 CH time).

This resulted in a partial outage of about roughly 15 minutes, maybe less depending on the routes and ISPs.

The issue was related to a BGP route leak or more commonly known as BGP prefix hijack. Rostelecom (AS 12389), a large Russian ISP, started to announce some of our DE-FRA-1 and CH-DK-2 network prefixes on their network. This resulted on these subnets being routed towards their network instead of our datacenters. It appears that the issue was quickly resolved but internet routes remained disrupted and slow to converge back due to the impact it caused on Tier 1 providers and the number of prefix involved.

The issue didn't impact only Exoscale but many other popular companies including other major cloud providers. This leak affected in total 8870 network prefixes belonging to almost 200 autonomous systems (AS).

Usually route leak issues are the result of BGP misconfiguration, however it cannot be excluded that sometimes it may also be related to targeted attacks to steal data or hijack DNS.

Our support remain available if you have any question regarding this outage.